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Inventeurs :
Le Blaps et
Les Conques Claquent

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Sorte : sons
Durée : 04:12

Taille : 7.7 Mo
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par Le Blaps et Les Conques Claquent

Les ConquesClaquent jammèrent,votre serviteur ré-organisa et (pour le meilleur ou le pire)ouvra sa yeule là-dessus...

Change of status

Blue-eyed torsoes massively thumping
One pulse,one pain
Pierced christians asking for a change
The sea's asking for flaming stones
Tiny skulls rolling down the slope
Tonight they meet the dope
Only promise,only hope they would care to cope with
Chanting on the docks
Surrounded by grey swarms&flocks
Their songs break the rules
Decaying on the rocks
These fools
Freaks amongst the princes
As the star-shaped god arises
And there was I prostrated
In the shape of a beaten ape
My brains wrapped around my spine
Hidding from it all
In cold & weeping vines
Heard the calling from the burning police car
Melting plastic,screaming orders
To the others afar
"The use of conventional weapons will lead you nowhere,I repeat..."
The squads fleet
The star-shaped things are taking over
Hanging down from cliffs
Shifting colors
A state of panic,a state of flux
But that ain't no failure to the mob on the docks
Now in the vicinity,of collective insanity
They drove us out of houses,built to last
We the cowards,we the mass
They hide in common corpses
And amongst cutely configured dorks
They never arrived,always were there
They derive from once great forms now deprived
They crawl the outershades
And now under dimmed lights they cross-fade
They ripped my neighbor apart
Red rouge dripping overcoat
Multiple poking,garggle,choke
The flakes on the lawn were not there anymore at dawn
The firemen found brains in the fountain
With no fire to fight but fear
Not knowing what went wrong
Nor when to interfere
Rust had eaten up most of their gear
The five arms folded in a fist
Chunky nemesis,what is this?
You call that a crisis?
It ain't nothing but a change of status - 2021